Iced Mint Tea!

On Monday, we combined our science and literacy learning to follow instructions to make our very own iced mint tea. We had to follow simple instructions and we got to enjoy our mint tea together at the end, although not everyone was a fan!

This experience allowed us to really understand what instructions are and we were able to write our own instructions for making mint tea later on in the week.

Use our class instructions to make your own mint tea at home!

You will need:

  • mint leaves

  • ice

  • kettle

  • teapot

  • cups

  1. First, gently rinse the mint leaves with water and carefully pick the leaves off the stem.

  2. Next, put the mint leaves into the tea pot.

  3. Then, carefully add boiling water to the teapot and wait.

  4. After that, add lots of ice to the teapot.

  5. Finally, slowly pour the tea into your cup and enjoy!

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