Here We Are by Oliver Jeffers

We are loving our new unit all where we are focusing on the wonderful world we live in. We have been researching and thinking about all the wonderful people who were truly inspirational during Lockdown. There are so many we but a few really stood out to us such as:

Colonal Tom

Marcus Rushford

Joe Wicks

We currently in the process of writing thank you letters to these people.

Who is inspirational to you and why?

3 comments on “Here We Are by Oliver Jeffers

  1. I am also reading that book in class

  2. Abigail yr 6 ?✨ says:

    Lady Gaga because she put free concerts with Lizzo and raised £28M for the World Health Organisation. I also think Marcus Rashford because every year free school meals end for the summer but Rashfordwrote a letter to the government to keep the free school meals in place especially at this hard time. ?

  3. Lillian year 3 says:

    All the books looks so interesting year 6 are you achily reading it I love it !!!

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