Happy Holidays!

What did you do during the Christmas break?

We discussed our plans for the Christmas Holidays before we broke up at the end of term… so what was your favourite day in the holidays?

christmas tree

What did you get up to?


Did you have any surprises?


13 comments on “Happy Holidays!

  1. Jayden Potel Klein pelicans says:

    I got some programming toys at Christmas
    From my dad I got Lego ones??

  2. Hi Miss Francis!
    I went skiing in Austria and my favourite part was the ski race!

  3. I am sooooooo sad that I couldn’t go skiing for Christmas and we had to go to boring Rome!

  4. I played with my cousins in spain

  5. On my Christmas holidays I stayed in London
    On Christmas Eve I had a play at st.dominics

  6. Lyla Webb Pelicans says:

    My favourite day was when we were in the helicopter over the whole of the big apple!!!!!

  7. I went to a resource called”Osa” I met new friends called Hannah and Dennis. We played lots of games. We sat in the cafe and drunk hot choclate

  8. Dear miss Francis
    On Christmas morning I got lots of presents like a Segway and lots of other things i also did homework but most of all I was really exitedto go to school??☃HOHOHO❤️??nice talking to you bye??

  9. When it was Christmas l went to my gradmas house and had a fantastic time! We ate delicious food and got to open our presents during the night, it was so exciting! I hope your Christmas was as great as mine miss Francis?

  10. I went to Ramsegate in my Christmas holidays it was so much fun!!! For Christmas I got an electric scooter and some clothes from my mum, from my nan I got batman, Lego minions and a very nice top from my aunty.

  11. anna.francis says:

    Hi Yvonne,

    Yes it was good thank you, I am glad you had a nice rest too!

  12. What did YOU do for Christmas Miss Francis? What was your favourite part?

  13. On Christmas Day I got a really cool present but when l got home there were two even cooler presents waiting!

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