Flamingo Facts!

Our new class name is the Flamingo! It was an amazing experience to learn from an artist, how to draw a flamingo and then to paint it using water colours. We discovered that there are quite a few artists in our Flamingo class which really impressed many adults who came to see how our paintings were progressing.
What amazing facts can you find out about this wonderful bird? I wonder how much information we can gather as a class!? Why do you think they are pink? Why do they stand on one leg all the time?

5 comments on “Flamingo Facts!

  1. anna.mcgrory says:

    I know that flamingos are pink because of the food they eat!

  2. I know that these famous pink birds(flamingoes) can be found in warm,watery regions on many continents !!

  3. Paige christie says:

    Flamingos stand on one leg so the leg gets warm like the other leg

  4. Flamingos are shaped in different colours red,orange black and pink.

  5. I know that male flamingos do a dance to impress the females.

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