Father Oliver visits the Snowy Owls!

Snowy Owls were lucky enough to have Father Oliver visit as he spoke about our new topic ‘The Transforming Spirit’. He spoke about Pentecost, Baptism and the Ascension. He told us how on Pentecost, tongues of fire appeared upon the disciples and Mary. They knew that the they had received the Holy spirit in which Jesus had promised them and they went around spreading the good news of Jesus in different languages so that the whole nation would know. Father Oliver spoke about when we are baptised, this is when we join God’s family, we become a part of him while he becomes a part of us. Then the Ascension. The ascension is where Jesus finally rises up to heaven to live with his father, but he leaves the disciples with a very important mission. ‘Go and and make disciples of all nations, baptise them in the name of the Father… and of the Holy Spirit.’ Jesus also makes a promise saying that no matter what he will always be with them until the end of time. The disciples go on the mission the Lord set them; still today, we are fulfilling the Lord’s mission.

Written by Christabella.

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