Fantastic Friday on Thursday!

Good Morning Kingfishers,


We are celebrating our wonderful work from the week on Thursday as tomorrow is a Bank Holiday. We have had a much more smooth week on Google classroom, it is brilliant that so many of you are getting used to attaching work. It was also lovely to see how many of you got creative with our learning opportunities. I hope to see a lot more creative work with today’s topic lesson, can’t wait to see what you all get cooking.

In the meantime here is all the work that has blown me away this week. In these pieces of work children have pushed themselves to work hard and try their best, they have taken time and pride in their efforts and every one put a big smile on my face.


This weeks special mentions go to people who went above and beyond and really did do their very best.

Jacob did exceptional science work this week, he sorted foods into groups and then pushed himself to explain why we need to eat each group. He clearly knows it very well as he confidently answered questions on it in our class quiz. 

Jose’s VE Day celebration posters are exceptional, he clearly has a talent for art and has taken such time in creating two amazing pictures.

Chase took his time with his RE work, his handwriting was excellent and he took his time to create excellent artwork to accompany it.

Our final special mention goes to George, in his command practise he took extra care to follow teacher example and insert it into speech marks. 



Well done to all Kingfishers, have a lovely weekend and I will see you back in the classroom on Monday.


3 comments on “Fantastic Friday on Thursday!

  1. Anna McGrory says:

    What a brilliant selection of work – well done!

    Have a wonderful Bank Holiday Weekend everyone. Remember to join the celebrations for VE Day tomorrow (check out Miss Duncan’s ideas in the News Article

    And please get rehearsing for our Rosary’s Got Talent Competition! Your talent can be ANYTHING and done with anyone in your family! The Class Rounds are next week during your usual Class Zoom Meeting slots. I cannot wait to see what wonderful talent we have at our school!

  2. Wow Jose – I didn’t realise what a great artist you are. When we get back to school you must help me with the displays.
    Keep safe
    Miss Lyon

  3. Mrs Penna says:

    I have loved looking through your great work Kingfishers. You have worked really hard. Well done.

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