Ducklings- Monday 29th June

Good Morning everyone!

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend and  are ready to get back to a busy week of fun and games!

Who is ready to get active with Virtual Sports Week?

This week we will all be getting active with two challenges to complete each day to compete for points to reach our personal best.  Please check Evidence Me for more information. A Virtual Sports Week pack is attached, there is also a score sheet to record how you get on with each task.

Can you guess the Traditional Tale this week?

The story is about a boy whose name rhymes with sack and runs away from a scary giant!

Click here to listen to the story

All about BEANS!

Bean is the name used for the seeds of several plants. Most of these plants are known as legumes. Beans contain a lot of fibre. They are also high in protein.

Many different plants produce beans, but they are all members of the same scientific family. The family includes peas, peanuts, and lentils as well as beans. These plants grow in most parts of the world. Most types grow either as a bush or as a climbing plant.

Beans come in many colors—white, green, yellow, tan, pink, red, brown, purple, and black. They also have different shapes. Some are nearly round or oval. Others are flat or kidney-shaped.

There are so many types of beans! Have you got any beans at home? What kind of beans do you have?

Can you make a poster about beans? Research some interesting facts about beans and write them down. Draw your favourite beans.

Here are some useful websites:,most%20parts%20of%20the%20world.

What do you like to eat your beans with?

Who likes to eat beans on toast or with jacket potatoes ? Share them with us or find an exciting recipe and give it a go!

Here’s a great recipe to make a Vegetarian Chilli with beans!

Ask an adult at home to help you make this. Can you make a shopping list with the ingredients you need? Write or draw them on a piece of paper and share it with us on Evidence Me.  Don’t forget to take some photos of your delicious food and share them with us.

Let’s get creative!

Can you make your own beanstalk? You could paint it, use natural or recycled materials or create a 3D version using Lego blocks.

It has been so lovely to see all the wonderful learning and playing you are doing with your families. Thank you for sharing and uploading your work  on Evidence Me!

The Ducklings Team


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