Ducklings – Monday 22nd June

Good Morning Everyone!

We hope you had a wonderful week last week enjoying our Traditional Tale of The Three Billy Goats Gruff! We certainly did.

Thanks for uploading all your wonderful work, we really enjoyed seeing everything you’ve been doing at home. This week we have a new Traditional Tale that we will have lots of fun with.
Let’s see if you can guess the tale…

  • The story has 4 main characters, 3 of the characters are all from the same family of pigs
  • The pigs are very good at building houses
  • One of the characters is very naughty!

Can you guess? Yes, you are right, it is the Three Little Pigs!

Exploring materials

Each day we will set you some fun activities to help you enjoy and explore the story. This story is also great for getting us to think about different materials. The Three Little Pigs built three different houses, using three different materials. Which material was the best and why?
Explore the different materials in your house.

  • Is your blanket on your bed made of bricks like the Pigs third house? What is it made of and why?
  • Is your ned made of straw? What is it made of? Who does like to have a bed of straw?

You will find lots of different materials around your house. See what you can find!

Here is a fun activity you might find time for this week. 

Find things around the home or outside and see if you or your adult can blow it and make it move.

You could make it a competition and draw a finish line on some paper and see who can blow it pass the line!

Who is the Big Bad Wolf in your House?

I’ll huff and puff and blow your house down……

Exploring right and wrong

We all know how to be a good friend and make good choices. Did the Wolf make good choices? What advice would you give the Wolf so he could be a good friend and make the right choices? If the Wolf was going to give the pigs a sorry card what message would he write?

Some children think the Pigs were naughty at the end of the story? Do you think they were? What about your family, do they agree with you?

Saving money!

Some of you might have a ‘Piggy Bank’ at home which you use to save your money in. Or you might have different money box. Why do we save money? Do you know the names of all the different coins you can save? Ask a grown up if you can look at all the coins they have in their purse or wallet and name them together.

Click on the link for a fun game where you add coins to find a total.

Piggy Bank game[Discovery_Cards]-[Multi_Site]-[SL09]-[PS_GAMES~C~~P_Coin%20Counting%20Quiz]

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