Dear all ‘Flat Earthers’….

Our topic this term is Earth and Space, and to kick off our learning, we have been exploring the theories that support the Earth being spherical. We know that through the ages, there has been controversy surrounding this issue, with some people still convinced that our Earth is flat.

In Science, we prepared news and tv style presentations to inform and convince an audience of our Earth’s true shape (see pictures below).

Year 5 and 6, we know that the Earth is is a sphere, so politely reply to this post with your favourite supporting theory/evidence!


7 comments on “Dear all ‘Flat Earthers’….

  1. Maya french says:

    I really enjoyed it and it was quite funny as well

  2. Tyler-grace says:

    I remember doing this and it was very fun!!!!😄

  3. This was so fun to do!👍

  4. I really enjoyed it . I learned something

  5. I really enjoyed it

  6. I love that every one was so into it and it was so funny 😂

  7. I really enjoyed doing this and I hope we do something similar soon.

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