Christmas Choir Music 2018 A WISH FOR PEACE

A Christmas Wish

I wish for you, I wish for me,

I wish for all the world to live in harmony.

When I look into the sky at night and see the skies above

I wish for peace, I wish for love. (repeat)


I wish for hope, I wish for joy.

I wish this Christmas time for every girl and boy.

That wherever in the world they are, they see the sky above.

And feel God’s Peace, And feel God’s Love.


A Christmas Wish (Piano, Melody and Harmony)


A Christmas Wish (Just Piano & Lower Harmony)


5 comments on “Christmas Choir Music 2018 A WISH FOR PEACE

  1. Julia Camacho says:

    I love choir and this music piece!! It is so fun to learn and to listen to!!!

  2. i am practicing

  3. Sofia george says:

    I am practicing the song! Choir is the best!!!

  4. Milly (yr6) Deia (y5/6) says:

    We are practicing!🎶

  5. I’m practicing

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