Chicks- Monday 15th June

Good morning Chicks!

I hope you are all enjoying our Traditional Tales topic.  Goldilocks and the three bears is one of everyone’s favourite tale and we did so many fun activities! Some of you made your own bear puppets and some delicious bear toast and porridge! It is lovely to see all the wonderful home learning you are doing with your families. Keep up the good work everyone!


This week’s story is about a wicked old troll who lives under a bridge? Can you guess the Traditional Tale?

Let’s listen to the story The Three Billy Goats Gruff Story

You could also listen to the story on BBC TEACH- EYFS SCHOOL RADIO.


This is a great song to practice your counting. Join in and let’s all sing ‘The Goats go Marching’.



I wonder if you could make your own bridge. What materials or objects could you use at home? This will be one of your activities on Evidence Me for the week so start thinking and get creative!

If you were to make your own troll what would it look like? Maybe you could make your own scary, wicked , ugly troll?

If your out in the park or on a walk you can pick up a few leaves and sticks to create your own troll.

These look fantastic!

REMEMBER to go to our Phonics page on NEWS for the EYFS daily phonics lesson. You  could also use the Link for ESPRESSO Phonics as well.

Don’t forget Wednesday there is a Music Assembly at 11.30am, look out for the details on Parent Hub.

Each day we will upload an activity or two onto Evidence Me. This can be accessed through the app or website. Please let us know if you have any issues accessing Evidence Me and we will help you. You will be able to upload photos of your child completing the activity straight onto your child’s profile. Once again just ask if you need any help.

The Nursery Team

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  1. Arabella Brewer says:

    Arabella loves this book and is looking forward to making her troll 😊 xx

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