Chicks-Monday 1st June 2020

Good morning Chicks ,

We hope you had a good half term!

Everyday daily games and activities will be uploaded onto Evidence Me. Please check Evidence Me each day.

Remember to say your Morning prayer every morning.

What is a Traditional Tale?
Traditional tales are stories that have been told and retold for many years. They are passed down through generations and become a story that many people know. Traditional tales are also known as fairy stories or fairy tales.

Traditional tales often begin with:

Once upon a time…
A long, long time ago…
In a land far, far away…
In a faraway kingdom…
One sunny day…
Did you ever hear the story of…
Early one morning…

What is your favourite Traditional Tale? Who is your favourite Traditional character? 

I would love for you to share them. Comment below!

 This weeks Traditional tale is The Gingerbread Man. 


The Gingerbread Man song.

REMEMBER to go to our Phonics page on NEWS for the EYFS daily phonics lesson. You could also use the Link for ESPRESSO Phonics as well. 



Don’t forget Wednesday there is a Music Assembly at 11.30am, look out for the details on Parent Hub. la la la la

See you Thursday and Friday in your groups.

Each day we will upload an activity or two onto Evidence Me. This can be accessed through the app or websuite. Please let us know if you have any issues accessing Evidence Me and we will help you. You will be able to upload photos of your child completing the activity straight onto your child’s profile. Once again just ask if you need any help.

Have a great week.

keep shinning!

The Nursery Team x

One comment on “Chicks-Monday 1st June 2020

  1. Miss Barry Murphy says:

    Hello Nursery! What a wonderful new topic for the Chicks! I really liked the tale of The Elves and the Shoemaker growing up! I can’t wait to read what everyone else likes, too!

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