Our new topic is Castles. We can’t wait to learn all there is to know about Castles!

If you can find any interesting facts about Castles, have a go at posting them up on our blog. We are very excited to see what you can find out!


5 comments on “Castles

  1. The first proper castles were built in England were the Motte and Bailey castles.

  2. I can’t wait to make our castles and I Really like working with you and you are the best teacher ever and you make our lessons really interesting, I like learning different things.

  3. Christabella says:

    I found out that castles don’t have a lot of attacks right here in London.

  4. Christabella says:

    I think the two biggest castles in London are Winsdor castle, Red stone castle and Buckingham palace but I don’t think It I found It out on the website

  5. Me too.

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