Camden Reading Road Map!

Years 3 and 4 started the Reading Road Map today! We can choose different ‘roads’ to read! Most of these books are really recent, so even the most avid readers will be able to discover new stories and different authors. When we read a certain number of books, we will get a certificate! We can tick off our titles as we read. Which book did you choose today? Which ‘road’ have you started on? Miss Duncan loves the look of the ‘Fantasy’ road!
Have a look at Miss Lyons helping some of us to choose our books- just like our very own library!

2 comments on “Camden Reading Road Map!

  1. I loved picking my book. I picked Bad Dad and I LOVE it and I mean LOVE it. I wonder what book you picked?????

  2. I picked out Dog man and Amelia fang when I had finished it,l thought it was amazing. Now l have got a new book called gorilla ballerina and I think I will love it when I have finished reading it. You should read the book Amelia fang and Dog man.😍📚

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