Another great working week!

Chicks you have done it again. This week we took you down on the farm to find out about the noises, the animals and what is grown on a farm. You have taken the learning and the activities that we put up for you and made them your own. We have seen some great building, writing, number work and lots of fun!

The highlight of the week was our Zoom meetings where we saw your many talents for ‘Rosary’s Got Talent’. Thank you to everyone who took part and to your grown ups for helping you all. The winners in reverse order are.. Joint 3rd place – Aniela and Josie, 2nd place – Felix and 1st place is ……. Jacob! Congratulations to you all, we loved watching your fabulous performances! 

You can look below to see some of the amazing work that has been shared with us.

Building a tractor and farm from recycled materials.

Learning to copy big letters. Can you learn to form lower case letters too?

Making a sledge from recycled materials to play with in the park.

Recycling – junk modelling.


2 comments on “Another great working week!

  1. Lila Whatley says:

    Congrats to all! Josie is proud to share the 3rd place podium with her friend aniela!🤗

  2. Miss Barry Murphy says:

    Congratulations Jacob! Your singing was wonderful! It must have been such a tough decision to pick a winner as everyone was so fantastic! It’s great seeing all the wonderful activity pictures too, what clever and talented Chicks there are!

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